We help private and public sector employers, small and large to manage change or improve performance. Whether we like it or not, being a successful business today means having to deal with change. Managements know that it is not enough to 'go along with the flow' - to be successful, you have to know how to master change, how to make change your tool. And that's where The TechConsultancy comes in.
The TechConsultancy is a new and refreshingly different type of consulting company, specialising in helping companies change. Our approaches and solutions are not based on B-school theory, but on years of practical in-the-trenches experience. Our principals have run small companies and big companies, domestically and internationally. We have created new companies, turned around old ones, merged businesses, bought them and sold them. Whatever the change you face, it is likely that we have the experience to help you master and implement it successfully.

Strategic Consulting Services   We offer our clients the ability to stand back and conduct a full strategic review.

Change Management  In many cases, a company's strategy and its goals may be well defined, but circumstances may be placing obstacles in the way of effective implementation. These may be external (a change in the marketplace or in client needs) or internal (for example, the company's rate of growth may have outstripped its management systems' ability to cope).

In short, the company needs to deal with change in order to safeguard its strategy and future.

Coaching and Mentoring  We offer a range of coaching and mentoring services at various management levels and to varying degrees of intensity, dependant on your individual needs.

Mergers and Acquisitions  We cover the full spectrum of M&A as a path to growth and financial gain. This is the case whether you are assessing acquisition or merger with another company. In each of these circumstances, The TechConsultancy draws on it's own extensive personal experience to provide you with pragmatic, practical assistance, guidance and support.

Operational Assistance  So often the distance between a company with a great idea and the realization of profit from that idea can be traced to operational execution. Without clearly thought-out and well-executed systems and processes, the company's operations can become a hindrance or an obstacle to growth and success.

Outsourcing  We have the management experience to evaluate whether outsourcing is right for you, experienced in out sourcing customer service/Call center, Tel Sales, logistics. Project managed the process from begining to end.

Procurement & Suppy Chain  Are you procurring at the right price ? Are you getting the best "cost of purchase" available today ? We can provide years of expertise in technology procurement of Hardware, Software and Services to the benefit of your businesses bottom line. We also assist in rationalising Supply Chains and Logistic contracts, we have implemented competitive tendering including on-line tenders to assist in this process.

Sales Perforamance and Sales Structure  Through a process of rigorous inquiry, we help businesses get a clear view on where they are, where they need to go and the gap between the two and then working with that gap to drive the desired change.

Turnaround Management  Are you concerned ? Some leading indicators of possible business failure are :-

  • Deteriorating profits and cash flow
  • Creditors over-extended, Suppliers on "stop"  
  • Recurring VAT payment problems
  • Lenders seeking to reduce their exposure

Worried ? Recognise the problems and risks, Act NOW - more time, means more options.
The TechConsultancy are experienced Turnaround Managers, we can provide :-  

  • Experience - having been there before is invaluable
  • New Insight - change is essential, more of the same is often not enough
  • Skills - the situation demands specialist skills
  • Confidence - a new, experienced manager can restore confidence

Consultancy that Works for YOU and Thinks like YOU

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