Product Division

We allow manufactures of Technology either Hardware, Software or Service providers to outsource there Sales and Marketing functions. Utilising our experience, wealth of local knowledge and key contacts, we allow much quicker penetration into the Uk or Pan European markets, without inccuring all the financial, legal and time and investment risks associated with hiring and training direct sales and marketing people.        

We utlise our synergy of our partners to complement our portfolio.

Example of the Services available - All Customised for you.  

   Advertising Management               Brand Management   Branding
    Business intelligence     Business Development Business Strategy
    Change management     Channel Management   Data Sourcing
    Direct Sales & Marketing   E-Commerce Interim management
    Inventory Management       Lead Generation Localising Product
    Logistics management   Marketing Campaigns Marketing Plans
    Market Research   Marketing Strategy Networking
    New Product Launches   Pipeline Management Pod Casts
    POS Management     Press Tours Public Relations
    RMA Management   Recruitment Support Sales Assessment  
    Sales Consulting   Sales Strategy Sales Training/Mentoring
    Supply Chain Management   Tele-Marketing Trade Shows & Conferences

In Summary The Major Benefits The Tech Consultancy brings to you

  • Efficient, low risk Uk or European coverage with low startup investment
  • Ready access to local knowledge, and Sales, Marketing, logitics & PR expertise
  • Ready access to a broader and more stable feedback from customers
  • Synergy with compatible manufacturers and the opportunities it affords
  • Long term stability and market presence
  • Simple cost-of-sales management, as a fixed, easy-to-plan-for, percentage of new revenues

Consultancy that Works for YOU and Thinks like YOU

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