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The European consultancy business that works for you and thinks like you. With over 40 years of senior management experience delivering services to customers within the UK and European technology sector. The Tech Consultancy is a company that believes in the highest ethics and quality is a pre-requisite in everything we do.

There are two areas of expertise within The TechConsultancy, Services and Products.

Services   We help private and public sector employers, small and large to manage change or improve performance. Whether we like it or not, being a successful business today means having to deal with change. Managements know that it is not enough to 'go along with the flow' - to be successful, you have to know how to master change and how to make change your tool. This is where The TechConsultancy comes in.
The TechConsultancy is a new and refreshingly different type of consulting company, specialising in helping companies change. Our approaches and solutions are not based on B-school theory but on years of practical in-the-trenches experience. Our principals have run small companies and big companies, domestically and internationally.

We have created new companies, turned around old ones, merged businesses, acquired and sold businesses. Whatever the change you face, it is likely that we have the experience to help You master and implement it successfully.

Products  - Outsourced Sales & Marketing, PR & Trade Shows, Channel Management, Logisitics.      

A UK based company with connections stretching from London to Moscow, Helsinki to Dubai, we are your true EMEA channel builder when it comes to IT products and services.


  • Change Management
  • Interim Management  
  • Service Management
  • Sales Consultancy Services
  • Re-vitalising Businesses
  • Business Development
  • Lead generation & Appointment Setting
  • Marketing & PR Management
  • Data Sourcing
  • Procurement Policy & Process
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Refresh & Project Management
  • Technology Infrastructure Appraisals
  • Turnaround Management


"Delivering Tomorrows Technology Today"


Consultancy that Works for YOU and Thinks like YOU

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